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What NOT to Post in Your Social Media Business Page

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What NOT to Post in Your Social Media Business Page

As each day passes, more and more people become dependent and active on social media, making it the perfect platform for businesses to expand their reach and cultivate deeper connections with their consumers. While considered a huge benefit for businesses, it can also be very overwhelming to have such an enormous reach in your hands. Without proper research and knowledge, a business can either have their sales skyrocketing or waste their marketing efforts through social media. It is always a good practice to learn and understand how to effectively use your social media business page, and how to use it to boost your conversion rates, rankings, and sales.

Social media business pages are necessary for faster, easier communication with your consumers. With one tap or click, they can easily contact customer service and receive real time answers to their questions. It also helps boost organic visibility, better networking and partnerships, increase website traffic, and to track your competition.

Maintaining your social media business page requires a lot of time and effort, as it can often be difficult to stay on top of best practices. Business owners who do not closely monitor their social media may find their marketing efforts on these platforms unsuccessful because they would not have a full understanding of what it takes to make your brand successful on social media.

Most successful businesses have a unique balance between human and business elements on their pages. Keeping your social media business page active and updated is a general rule of thumb, and while we could dive in more deeply on how you can maximize your platforms, we are here to help you learn more about what to avoid on social media instead.

Here are a few DON’Ts we have gathered all over the internet from social media marketing experts and SEO specialists to help you boost your social media business page’s performance:


1. Don’t Post too much content

Consumers follow businesses on social media because they have developed a genuine interest in the products and services being offered. Generally, consumers follow businesses because they want to be updated and informed about current events and special deals that businesses have to offer.

While being active is certainly something we recommend for better engagement with your audience, everything still has its limit. Posting content on social media should be moderated, as too much information from your business page can be overwhelming for your consumers. Allow your followers enough time to absorb and react to the information you send through social media to avoid losing them.

Keep your followers interested by learning to schedule your content. Do your research on the best times and days to publish your content so your followers would know when to expect material from you, and at the same time, to show them that you are an active business on the social media platform.


2. Don’t Lie and release misleading information

Competition is everywhere, and as a business, I would imagine you would already be aware of this. When it comes to social media and engaging with consumers, competition between businesses can be tough because everyone wants to be better than their competitors. The heat from this often causes many businesses to resort to a little bit of exaggeration in the information they put out.

This move, although being utilized by more businesses than you could think of, would have negative effects on your business in the long run. Sure, it is effective, and it draws people in temporarily, but your brand will suffer in the future if you just reel consumers in temporarily, so it will not be worth it.

Part of building your brand’s success is building trust between you as a business, and your audience. Most businesses generate revenue more from repeat customers and using any deceitful tactics to lure people in will not gain you long term customers. It would definitely generate a lot of bad consumer experiences. Keep in mind that consumers make up a huge part of the growth of your social media reach, and studies have proven that consumers who have positive experiences with businesses are more likely to subscribe and share the page with their friends and family, whereas, negative experiences would cause them to unfollow your business page, stop patronizing your products and services, and leave negative comments or reviews that would ultimately drive other potential customers away.


3. Don’t have incomplete information

In addition to misleading information, your social media business page should also avoid releasing incomplete information to the public. Online users often use social media to find answers to their questions regarding a business, or the products and services they offer. Being effective in managing your social media business page means engaging with your consumers and being a reliable source of information.

Gone are the days where people would take time to visit physical stores and call customer service hotlines, so you have to make sure that your social media business page contains valuable and complete information that your followers could make use of.

Whether its information about products, services, promotions, or your business in general, it is best to have everything published where your consumers can access them to make their experience better and to easily help them find the help they need.


4. Don’t Engage in Negative interactions

While social media makes it easier for businesses to build connections and relationships with their consumers, it has also become a platform for customer opinions to be aired in public. Many online users find it easier to use comments and posts from your social media business page to blow off steam, and this is something beyond our control even with a social media moderator.

Your response to these comments and opinions are critical for your brand’s reputation. People will always have something to complain about, and as a business, you should be well aware of that. Learn how to handle snide remarks professionally and avoid responding in a confrontational manner, as it is the most professional thing to do.

Remember, your presence on social media is a clear representation of your business. Everything you comment or post will give people a better understanding of your brand’s values and any negative remark from you can and will be used against you. Always keep that in mind when responding to your followers to make sure you avoid posting anything you might regret in the future.

5. Don’t Spam your followers

In social media, the more active you are, the more customers would be interested in engaging with you.But as a business page, you will want your followers to be interested in the content you publish, and you can do that by releasing material that is relevant to your brand, and would be valuable to the people that follow you.

Many businesses aim to add character to their social media pages by posting and sharing as much content as possible, thinking it would help their followers have better visibility of their brand. While done with good intention, some businesses tend to go overboard by posting and sharing just about anything that crosses their social media feeds, spamming their followers with irrelevant content.

Although it is not wrong to share something to make your followers laugh, or to get likes and comments on your posts every now and then, turning to viral videos, memes, and irrelevant inspirational messages will not help your business gain anything at all. This behaviour on social media will only get you a few visitors on your page, and not necessarily potential customers. Attracting potential customers and generating revenue relies on content that is in line with your brand’s values.

Get the most out of your social media business page by sharing content related to your business. Publish relevant content that would lead your followers to take action. This way, you will attract people who are interested in your brand, and not just in that one video, meme, or quote you shared.

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