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What You Need To Know About Drip Marketing

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What You Need To Know About Drip Marketing

As technology advances, everything around us gets revamped and developed to keep up with the demands of society, so we’re discussing Drip Marketing. What used to be very simple and basic become more complicated and fast-paced, and if we do not want to get left behind, we must adapt. This applies to everything and includes marketing. Most brands have already transitioned from traditional print marketing to digital marketing because of the influence of electronic communication and social media.

Drip marketing (also known as drip campaigns, automated email campaigns, life cycle emails, and autoresponders) falls under email, which is considered one of the oldest and most effective channels in digital marketing. While email marketing, in general, is already easy to work with and proven effective, marketers still put this strategy in place to make sure that consumer relationships become stronger, more leads are converted, and more sales are ‘closed’. We are here to help you better understand what you need to know about drip marketing, and how you can start one!

This specific strategy consists of a series of emails that get sent out to prospective customers on a schedule. These emails are pre-written and automated, sent over a period of time in predetermined intervals to increase consumer engagement. It works differently from email newsletters because it doesn’t matter when a consumer signs up, they will get this email specifically created to share to share news, a relevant campaign, new product or any latest articles you may want highlight. They are usually sent out at the same time of the week or month to the whole subscriber list.

Apart from being scheduled emails, drip marketing also enables you to stay in touch with your audience based on triggers from their website activity. These triggers tell your system which set of emails to send a subscriber based on their activity like signing up for an account on your website, browsing your blogs, or how often they visit your website. This gives you the power to bring the right information to your website’s visitors at the right time. A new subscriber would get an introduction and welcome email upon signing up, and maybe suggestions for their next visit a few days later. A potential customer who has been hovering around your latest promotions for quite some time but has not interacted yet would receive an email to help decide if they will avail of the offers or not.

Drip marketing opens a whole new world of possibilities for website owners and marketers because since it gets implemented automatically, you will not have to manually write emails to your prospects and remember when to send them. Setting up a drip campaign enables you to focus on closing your sales and generating revenue, while it works on building relationships and growing your prospect list. Drip marketing campaigns also reduce the risk of missed interaction with your audience, especially when your prospect list grows bigger. It helps make sure that you are reaching both old and new subscribers and that you are continuing to foster the relationship you have with them without adding more work to your already heavy workload.

Here are some more of the benefits that your brand will get when you add drip marketing to your marketing plans:


1. It helps nurture your leads.

The main purpose of email marketing campaigns is to be visible to your audience to increase consumer engagement and brand awareness. Drip marketing campaigns help increase visibility and engagement with the consistency it enforces. Since you will be sending out a set of multiple emails to your subscribers, your brand will be more familiar to them and they will have higher chances of taking action than just ignoring the emails they receive from you. High-quality content and better communication with your consumers from your drip marketing campaign also fosters trustful relationships with existing subscribers and warm up new leads, eventually converting them into loyal customers.

2. Subscribers become well informed.

In planning and executing your drip campaign, you must make sure that your emails are valuable and informative. This saves time for the consumer because they would not need to double-check on your website or reach out to customer service for clarification. Drip marketing is often used to give people all the necessary information they need to know before purchasing a product or service, and what’s in it for them if they decide to avail. You can begin by initially sending product or service information and description, then tutorials and testimonials a few days later. This helps you get their attention and possibly generate your sales.

It is convenient, timely, and cost-effective. Just like any other marketing channel, planning and developing your drip campaign will take a long time, especially if you are one to personalize and customize your templates as much as you can. After completing the development process, then the wonderful part comes in where you can let it run for you. Drip marketing campaigns are a series of automated emails, and now there are tons of tools and resources that have become more accessible to brand owners and marketers for convenience. These tools are all-inclusive and are used from the start of your planning process up to implementation, giving you lots of options to personalize your templates, set your prospect lists, schedule and send your content and there are more features usually available too. Having all these in one place will definitely save you plenty of time and money, allowing you to continue focusing on production and generation of revenue for your company.

Thinking of implementing your own drip marketing campaign for your business? Check out this list of tools from Zapier that can help you plan, execute, and monitor your drip marketing campaign progress! If you need further assistance, send MRS V a message.


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