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Your Guide To LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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Your Guide To LinkedIn Sales Navigator

With over half a billion users, LinkedIn has created a unique platform wherein professionals can grow their connections and advance their careers. It is unlike any other social media platform as users are able to start purposeful conversations and forge relationships. However, with the vast number of users, it can be a challenge to connect with the right people. Fortunately, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator makes it very easy. If you have yet to harness the power of this tool, here is a quick guide to LinkedinSales Navigator.


1. Powerful advanced search

If the product or service you are selling caters to a very small niche market, you can spend thousands and thousands on marketing and ads and still not be successful in reaching your target audience. With the help of the Sales Navigator, you can narrow your scope and find the right person or business faster and easier. You can prioritise the right companies and the right people with the help of its advanced lead and company search. You can filter through thousands of prospects at a very granular level such as seniority, function, company size, and more. This helps you zero in on the right person or business.


2. Lead recommendations

The Sales Navigator’s intuitive algorithm recommends leads based on your preferences and previous leads. You can modify to view a person’s interests and contacts which helps you quickly determine what you have in common. Once you have ‘saved a lead’, you can keep tabs on them even if they are not your connections. It has a filtering option wherein you can see the latest updates and shares, and even potential leads. This helps you keep track of key leads and company changes and receive notifications on your desktop, mobile, and email. This allows you to receive real-time updates so you can jump on opportunities instantly.


3. CRM Sync

Staying organised despite a big customer base is one of the best features of the Sales Navigator tool. You can easily sync your CRM tool which lets you save the leads and accounts you’ve found and log all of your activities with just a single click. You can get regular updates from your CRM system on the leads you are currently working on which helps you build meaningful connections and trusted relationships.


4. Insights to your buyers

The Sales Navigation tool helps you understand what your buyers truly value. You can target your leads and offer them your products and services when they need it the most. You can easily view your leads and company updates as they happen and reach out to them at the most appropriate time. For example, if a company has hired a new tech manager, you can quickly save him as a lead and start a meaningful conversation. You can understand what your leads care about based on what they are sharing on LinkedIn. You can also add notes and tags on leads which helps you stay organised and track progress.

5. Engage with your buyers effectively

InMail messages are one of the more credible and successful channels to contact prospects and leads. With the help of the InMail outreach, you can engage buyers and other stakeholders with personalised outreach. Sending out generic messages is no longer effective. Most correspondences are only successful if the messages are personalised and tailor-fit to customers’ needs. It allows you to initiate a peer-level kind of engagement and helps you offer the correct product and service to your leads. You can also create an engaging presentation using the Pinpoint drive feature.

Indeed, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool that helps you identify the people you want to identify. With just $64.99, you can get started on your own professional plan and start selling to your target niche effectively.

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