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Ready to breakthrough to an unstoppable you? I’m here to shift you from disempowered to empowered.

I’ll take you from feeling stuck to feeling free and show that in fact, you have had the power ALL along!

Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, she had the ability to control her destiny all along, she was so busy looking outside of herself, she didn’t realise she could go home at any time. However, her journey led her to meeting the lion (her heart), tin man (her body) and scare crow (her mind) – Dorothy discovered the truth through facing her fears, embracing all aspects of herself and never giving up hope on her quest to get home.

Welcome! I’m Scarlett Vespa, aka ‘Mrs V’.

As a Spiritual Guide, Healer & Artist, I’m passionate about helping you create a life you love by unlocking your authentic self. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life and I’ve been lucky enough to do that. It’s not been easy, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Every challenge led me to a breakthrough and radical transformation, so now I help people do the same. My art is how I connect, heal and inspire and my transformation session is a deeper exploration of what that means for you. Thanks for being here and please join me on my journey to explore what it means to live your best self.

Love and sparkle, Mrs V

The Program:

Ready to breakthrough to an unstoppable you?

Introducing the 8-Week Program that will transform your life.

If you are tired of feeling stuck and lost and don’t know how to be that person you know you can be, then join me for an 8-Week Program ‘Breakthrough to an Unstoppable You’. This is where you will learn how to transform obstacles into tools for success, tap into your souls destiny and embrace all the parts of yourself to feel and own your super power – yes nothing less than ‘Radical Transformation’. By the end of the program you will have everything you need to create a life you love.

To learn more about the Program, please join the waitlist and receive a summary of the 8 weeks and the outcomes. There is no time like now to start your transformation.

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Mrs V Podcast | Latest with Daniel Pawenski

I was blessed to meet this man just by chance when researching Alchemy. His podcast ‘Know thyself’ taught me more than any course I have done on the esoteric and astrology than any other. Of course I had to have a reading and waiting for a year to have one, but it was well worth the wait. Articulate, generous of heart and a true student of life, his insights and knowledge with transform the way you think.

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Get the latest updates on events, workshops, my new creations and spiritual energies impacting us all.