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Article: Quantum Healing: How to Control Your Mind and Body

Quantum Healing: How to Control Your Mind and Body

Quantum healing is a form of alternative medicine that pulls its practices from a diverse range of disciplines, among them quantum physics, mind-body medicine, meditation, psychology, and philosophy. Its main claim is that any individual can facilitate physical, mental, or spiritual healing by working to shift their energies at a subatomic (“quantum”) level.

Quantum healing practitioners assert that all living things possess a “life force,” a vital energy that can be compared to the Chinese concept of chi or the Indian prana. They go on to describe quantum healing as an exercise of control over your own body’s life force to heal yourself from the inside out. When tapping into your life force in this way, you achieve healing by tuning into your individual consciousness. In the process, you disconnect yourself from the matrix consciousness, a widespread, overlying energy field that works to disempower individuals and keep them in a state of lack.

Quantum healing first began gaining ground in 1989, when spiritual guru Deepak Chopra released a book entitled Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine. The book explores ancient healing practices observed in Chopra’s home country of India, which he proceeds to combine with concepts drawn from physics, Western medicine, and neuroscience. The result is a series of therapeutic practices by which people can harness the energy within their bodies to remedy physical and spiritual hurts and improve their overall well-being.

Are you curious about how to practice this holistic healing method in your own life? Are you possibly looking for ways to tap into and control your life force? Read on for a few basic steps that can help you start your journey into quantum healing.


1. Interrogate Pain, Fear, and Other Feelings

Highly stressful circumstances and events inevitably trigger emotions like fear, anxiety, or despair within a person. These emotions can, in turn, cause individuals to become concerned for their survival or otherwise promote feelings of disempowerment or lack. If individuals allow themselves to become overwhelmed by such emotions, physical pain, illness, and generalised malaise can frequently follow.

One of the first essential steps in the practice of quantum healing has to do with asking yourself thoughtful questions about the fear, pain, and other adverse emotions you experience. Asking yourself where the emotion is coming from, why you feel the fear, what is triggering it, when it began, and other similar questions puts you in a state of deep connectedness with your own body and mind. In this state, you’re well-positioned to take control of your energies and channel them in a healing direction.


2. Locate Sources of Pain within the Body

One of the most crucial questions to ask yourself during quantum healing has to do with identifying the central physical source of your fear, anxiety, or pain. For instance, do you feel the discomfort primarily in your throat, your stomach, or your muscles? Where is the pain sitting in your body?

By asking this question, you’re connecting with your body and grounding your emotions in something concrete and real. This groundedness will prevent you from fixating on your own pain or mental distress, which can trap your mind and body in a state of stasis and slow your recovery.


3. Name the Underlying Causes

Once you’ve gained the mental and emotional clarity necessary to look clearly at your own pain, you can begin understanding more deeply what’s causing it. Investigate the possible underlying causes of your pain by asking yourself when it started and what happened that could have triggered it. Then, ask yourself why you feel so strongly about the people, objects, or phenomena at the centre of this feeling.

As a concrete example, you may be able to link repeated stress headaches to the fact that you’re constantly exposed to bad news on TV or on social media throughout the day. On a deeper level, your adverse reaction to so much bad news could be indicative of deep fears for your or your loved ones’ safety and security. Looking into the possible causes of your pain thus gives you the mental clarity and space to begin contemplating actionable resolutions.


4. Repeatedly Self-Affirm

Many philosophical and spiritual disciplines emphasise that naming things gives you power over them, and quantum healing is no exception. Once you’ve named the particular triggers of your pain or fear, you can now begin to shift your energies toward healing. Concentrate on the physical source of your pain and recite a personally relevant affirmation, whether out loud or silently to yourself. It can be something as brief and simple as “I am safe” or “I am hopeful.”

Affirming yourself is an important step for moving away from disempowering thoughts and toward greater control of the flow of energy within your body. Once you’ve committed to spending this energy on prioritising your own well-being, you’ll be well-equipped to resolve any fears, concerns, or worries you might have.

Quantum healing is all about heightening your awareness of your own consciousness and recognising its power to change your state. Connecting more deeply to your consciousness and paying attention to the energy within you will gradually strengthen both your mind and body.

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