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The Mrs V Shift Event

[bigletter custom_class=””]It’s been now 2 weeks, although feels like a month, since the Event.  I’ve managed to have the flu and build a new site combining 7 of my sites into one (yes living the teaching of integrating 7 aspects of self into 1) love it![/bigletter]

I was reflecting on the journey of getting to where I am now in my life. 7 Years ago (wow, there’s that 7 again), I lost everything (materially) and had to rebuild my life. It was a very very challenging time, but through that very precious experience I found out who I really was and what I really wanted to do. To be honest I’ve never really asked myself the question, I was a director and loved what I did but never connected my incredible passion for personal development and the spiritual self to what I did as an everyday job. It was only when my job was taken away when I asked the tough question of ‘Who am I when I’m not directing a TV ad?’  I dug deep and realised my extensive experience in advertising coupled with my understanding of what it means to be human, made me my unique self, made me someone who can help people, help myself AND live a meaningful life.

My journey has been anything but easy, but I’m so grateful because I would not know what I know now and I wouldn’t be as strong and as happy as I am right now.

Creating the Mrs V Shift event has been all I could think about since starting the Mrs V Brand of helping women over 40 have a voice (my new direction has included personal branding) and giving people an experience of how amazing human beings are, how beautiful and precious each individual person is and that we are all in this together has been my constant vision. I knew the day would be unique and transformational for people, I didn’t hope, I just knew – I learnt this difference now, the knowing about things v’s hoping.

The day was all that I knew it would be for people. I held no notes, I just allowed the space for the panelists, the participants to be themselves, my job was to navigate the conversation and the place where they spoke from. I believe this is what people crave, a safe place where people can be vulnerable, express themselves authentically, they can just be themselves. We are humans and humans are vulnerable and in that place we find true strength.

Everyday is a new day and I am still at the beginning of this journey to bring my Roadshow and Events around Australia and in fact the world, but day by day and person by person, the energy builds to support a conversation that will support all women to feel confident at any age.

Here is a taster of the day and thank you to everyone who was there to make it so special, especially my AMAZING and generous team.