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Article: Why 60 Is the New 40—Yes, Really!

Why 60 Is the New 40—Yes, Really!

It is common for anyone who hits 60 to feel the changes with older age. You become more aware of how your body changes and may no longer have the same energy as in your 40s. You may also worry about experiencing illnesses exclusive to being a senior.

However, contrary to popular belief, people aged 60 and above now live longer and healthier lives compared to their parents due to improved healthcare access, the means for balanced diets, and time for accessible active hobbies. You can now better focus on your physical and mental well-being during this period of your life.

At 60, you also have more freedom to do what you want. With fewer responsibilities to your family and more time to do whatever you please, you have more freedom to make positive changes in your life. You can renovate the house or move into a new one, start a new career, or go on a long trip with your loved ones. If you are single, you can date and find the perfect partner.

There are endless possibilities thanks to the freedom that comes with growing older. Yes, 60 is the new 40, and it’s time to embrace the perks of being at this age. If you’re not convinced, here are a few more reasons to show you why you’ll enjoy your senior years:


1. More Time for Staying Fit and Healthy

As you grow older, you’ll have more time to take care of yourself and pursue a healthy activity you enjoy. Don’t worry about being too old to exercise or do physically intensive activities. Look at Sacramento optometrist Ernest Takahashi who loves running in his spare time. At age 63, he ran a Cowtown Marathon, completing 42 km in 3 hours and 29 minutes.

Ernest’s accomplishment shows that being older shouldn’t stop you from being physically fit and doing the activities you loved at 40 or younger. But remember, if you haven’t exercised in a while, don’t do too much too quickly. Instead, start small by doing only 20 minutes of exercise each day or, for other options, go for those exercises designed for seniors.

In short, spend just enough time on your physical activities to stay fit and healthy without pushing yourself too hard. Do what feels good but remember to always listen to your body.


2. The Opportunity to Take Time Out for Yourself

Before retirement, you probably spent your weekends on activities like house chores or errands. Work took up most of your time, leaving only a tiny window for taking time out for yourself.

At 60, your schedule is no longer limited to a 9 to 5, which means you’ll have more hours to spend with your grandchildren, senior discounts to enjoy, and afternoons to go out with your friends. If you’re up for it, perhaps you can even work on a passion or business opportunity you’ve always dreamed of doing.


3. Confidence in Yourself

The best perk of reaching 60 is wisdom and experience. You’re likely more confident in your skin and have fewer insecurities. Thanks to everything you’ve been through, you worry less about insignificant matters and focus on what you enjoy. You’ve also learned to let go of things beyond your control.


4. The Opportunity to Travel

Older people travel more and enrich their lives with experiences their parents never imagined at the same age. At this stage want to take advantage of your free time and endless vacation days.

Be excited about having the opportunity to book a ticket and explore a country or even a continent you’ve always wanted to visit. You probably have the funds for travel now and the experience and wisdom to go on the trip solo. You can make your trips even more special by bringing your loved ones along if that is possible.


5. The Confidence to Say No

At age 60, you’re less tolerant (and tired) of negativity. You no longer have room for things that won’t help you. Thanks to experience teaching you this important lesson, you now have the confidence and right to say no to pursuits that you don’t want to do. Indeed, Senior age is where you can say yes to opportunities and do the things you love.


6. Opportunities to Help Other Seniors

If there is a hobby that you are passionate about, perhaps volunteer to teach? Volunteering at a nursing home or your local community centre is fun and fulfilling. It is a great way to pass down your skill. Every class is also an opportunity to interact with people your age and immerse yourself in a small but tight-knit community.

It’s time to live a fearless life regardless of your age. At 60, you’ll have all the time and wisdom to make positive changes and pursue hobbies and passions you had to delay. Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about chasing a schedule as you used to when you were younger. Embrace this new era and enjoy the opportunities that come with this period of your life.

If you want to live a fearless life at age 60, get in contact with MRS V today.

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