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Article: Finding the best healing crystal for you

Finding the best healing crystal for you

Humans have been fond of crystals for a very long time. The Ancient Sumerians, approximately 4,000 BC, were the first recorded culture to use crystals for magical formulas. There were also writings dating back to 400 BC that tied different crystals to various powers. The popularity of crystals as tools for healing spread in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Mesopotamia, and India.

The belief that crystals have healing powers has transcended time and civilizations. To this day, people still wear crystal charms and accessories to complement their everyday look and channel the healing properties of the materials. If you wish to use crystals for spiritual, mental, and physical healing, you can add accessories that feature the following elements to your collection of jewellery and charms:


1. Rose and Clear Quartz

Quartz is one of the most common minerals found on Earth, made of one part silicon and two parts oxygen, which are also the two most abundant elements on Earth. There are types or colours of quartz that are popular with those who want to augment their everyday lifestyle with crystals: rose quartz and clear quartz.

Perhaps inspired by its romantic pink hue – rose quartz is often associated with love and frequently used by people searching for love and attachment in all its different forms. Said to boost feelings of self-love, peace, and calm, it is an ideal option for people who want to address relationship issues, promote mutual understanding between different parties, and remind themselves to act with kindness and compassion to others.

On the other hand, clear quartz is a crystal thought to clarify and amplify feelings and emotions. It is a favourite among people who want to attain balance in thought, actions, and intentions. Wearing it is also often regarded as a means to do away with excess or unwanted energy. Complementary to these qualities, clear quartz for mediation and ‘restorative’ treatments are a popular choice. Because it can amplify intentions and energy, it is also usually paired with other healing crystals.


2. Quartz of Other Colours

Quartz comes in all colours, with some of these colours attributed to their properties.

Blue quartz, for example, is said to bring a sense of serenity to its wearer, while smoky quartz is said to help one attain a sense of direction. Amethyst or violet quartz is sought after by people who want stress relief, strain, potent emotions, or mood swings. Aventurine or green quartz is often thought of as a good luck charm and used to amplify positive feelings such as joy, hope, and gratitude.

Another crystal, citrine or quartz with yellow to brown colouration, is believed to inspire joy and confidence and invite success into endeavours. Meanwhile, the chalcedony onyx is considered helpful for breaking bad habits and amplifying innate gifts and talents.


3. Obsidian

An igneous rock, obsidian, or volcanic rock is a primary option for people who want to be grounded and tethered to principles they hold dear. There is a belief that it provides a shield to block out negative energies and intent.

In addition to its protective properties, obsidian is known and valued highly for its reflective quality. With glass-like surfaces, the rock inspires self-reflection and helps the wearer become more cognisant of their thoughts, words, and actions. It is an accessory that benefits people who want to become the best version of themselves.


4. Turquoise

This blue-green mineral is worn to dispel illnesses that trouble the mind, heart, and body. People who wear turquoise-studded charms and accessories supposedly benefit from protection against pollutants and impurities from the outside. Also said to inspire serenity and solace, turquoise brings about feelings of balance, discovery, and hope. It is a good crystal if you wish to achieve personal balance or need a charm that offers overall protection.


5. How to Find the Best Healing Crystal for You

Finding the best healing crystal begins with knowing what you need and what you hope to achieve. If you have a goal in mind, perhaps find a crystal that helps you achieve your objectives.

However, please note that if you wish to use crystals for healing, you also have to play an active role in ensuring your overall health and well-being. If, for example, you want to maintain mental fortitude, it is not enough to only wear a crystal that promotes balance. Be mindful of what the crystal stands for and how you can best exemplify those qualities through your words and actions.

Remember: the crystals may be able to boost your energy and inspire intentions, but you need to make the first move by following through with your actions to achieve your goals.

For more advice on nurturing your spiritual side and gaining timeless AGERICH wisdom, browse the content on our website. Our AGERICH experts are only too happy to share the insights and practices that have helped their healing and spiritual growth!

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