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Spiritual Mentor Program


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Are You Ready to 'Be Your Own Alchemist?

Today, more than ever, we need to learn how to be our own spiritual guide and that is why I’m offering a much needed Spiritual Mentor Program for those I work with. I have always known my path is to show people the way, in fact when I was a young girl I had a vision that I was to be a ‘Way Shower’ and I never knew what it meant. Now I know, my gift is to help others nurture their gifts.

Is this Spiritual Mentor Program for you?

We are always on a journey of self discovery, I believe even when we leave this physical reality we are still learning. In fact, the our natural state is to evolve our consciousness.

I have had and will continue to have many spiritual guides and teachers. It is said the teacher appears when we need them most and that is certainly how it has been for me. Each guide has helped me in a specific way that I didn’t even see at the time, I just knew I was there to learn something and it would reveal itself in time.

So how do you know if you are ready for a spiritual mentor or guide? Well firstly, if you are reading this, then a good chance is that you are. I always believe serendipity is a beautiful process when we are in flow and we find ourselves in a place and time that feels right, even though we don’t know how we got there. At this point I say, what is resonating for you? OR do you feel a little bit excited? Those questions reveal if I’m on the right track. If any of these is a yes, then this could be your best next step.

I have also listed some thoughts or feelings that may be swirling around in your head and if these resonate, then again yes, my Spiritual Mentor Program could be what is a good next step…

+ I possess innate spiritual talents and seek guidance to nurture them.
+ I’m ready to empower myself with self-help tools and knowledge.
+ Despite my learnings, I sense an obstacle hindering my progress.
+ I yearn for a confidant to discuss and validate my experiences.
+ I aim to harness my intuition more effectively.
+ I feel a calling to assist others but am unsure of the pathway.
+ I oscillate between feeling stagnant and liberated, only to face recurring challenges.
+ I desire genuine transformation, weary of the repetitive, mundane cycle.
+ Holding a leadership role, I often grapple with solitude and seek clarity on making informed decisions.
+ I aspire to strengthen and elevate my relationships.
+ I want my work team to recognise their worth and understand that spiritual evolution complements professional advancement — it’s more than just esoteric musings!
+ I’m committed to boosting my self-belief and establishing routines to continually enhance my confidence.
+ With a myriad of spiritual practices available, I wish to discern the one that aligns best with my essence.
+ I’m in dire need of support, both professionally and personally.

What Does 'Spiritual Mentorship' mean?

To explain what ‘Spiritual Mentorship’ means, firstly I have to share what modalities I work with and why, plus importantly, what the process of ‘Alchemy’ is – so let’s start there.

What is Alchemy?

The term “Alchemy” has always resonated deeply with me, striking a chord with the very essence of my being. Upon unraveling its true nature, everything seemed to fall into place, and I’d love to give you a brief overview. Many misconstrue alchemy, relegating it to a mere physical quest to manufacture gold. Yet, its roots lie firmly in the spiritual domain. Historically, royals would often enlist the expertise of an ‘Alchemist’ not for gold creation, but to delve into the arcane and esoteric. At its core, alchemy is about the spiritual journey of transmuting one’s inner shadows to unearth the precious gold of heightened consciousness. This transformative process was, and still is, akin to achieving ‘enlightenment’. In ancient times, it was often metaphorically termed as the pursuit of the Elixir of Immortality.

I’ve delved deeper into the roots of Alchemy HERE, where I elucidate the seven pivotal stages every Alchemist must navigate. What truly captivates me about Alchemy is how it encapsulates the essence of every modality I’ve practiced. It’s in this fusion that the true gold emerges.

What Modalities Do I Work With?

Raised in a devout Catholic household, I often felt uneasy with the church’s ambiance. Yet, reflecting on those days, I’m thankful for some invaluable lessons it taught me, primarily the importance of kindness

 and the realisation that there’s more to existence than our physical lives. My first venture beyond our family’s convictions was through a course called THE FORUM (previously EST). This experience was transformative, not just in broadening my

perspectives on personal growth, but also in miraculously halting the recurrent cold sores I’d suffered from since childhood. My newfound zeal for self-improvement knew no bounds; I voraciously sought out every self-help course available. However, driven by my father’s profession as a doctor and his decision to remove a mole and a small portion of my arm, due to cancer concerns—coupled with my sister’s seventh surgery—I realised the need for psychological assistance. Determined to break free from these health anxieties, I turned to therapy for guidance.

For a decade, I dedicated myself to weekly therapy sessions, delving deep into the realms of the mind, body, and spirit. This journey brought about profound transformations in me, and I gained profound insights into human behaviour, emotions, relationships, and most importantly, my relationship with myself.

Subsequently, I immersed myself in Buddhism, which enriched my understanding of the mind and introduced me to spiritual perspectives I hadn’t previously grasped. However, at a certain juncture, I recognised that I had merely substituted Catholicism with Buddhism in my spiritual quest. My exploration didn’t halt there. I chanced upon diverse spiritual practices like Oki Yoga and Shamanism. Both resonated deeply with me, enlightening me about the body-mind connection, chakras, and the age-old ‘Dreamtime’ practices.

Throughout this journey, my commitment was to personal growth. This path wasn’t without its challenges; I faced numerous setbacks and revelations, each propelling me towards transformation and transmutation. In recent years, I’ve undertaken extensive training in Psychic Mediumship under a celebrated UK mentor, and I’ve also delved into Pleiadian Light work, harnessing the power of Quantum healing and reading. My education also extended to training with seasoned healers, and most recently, I’ve ventured into hypnotherapy and Wiccan practices.

Lately, my fascination has been piqued by the history of Alchemy and esoteric teachings, and I’m eager to delve even deeper into these ancient arts.

How Does it Work?

Now that you’re acquainted with the modalities I employ and my reasons behind them, let’s delve into the continuous alchemy of our lives. I firmly believe that nurturing self-awareness and championing personal growth are paramount.

In today’s world, we’re often besieged by negative energies that can weigh heavily on our spirits. Recognising and defending oneself against such influences has become more crucial than ever.

My Spiritual Program is tailored to infuse your life with clarity, confidence, and inspiration. Regardless of your aspirations, I am here to offer the support and direction necessary to uncover your innate talents, harness them effectively, and steer you towards your best possible life.

This Program spans a minimum of six months. This half-year commitment is designed to foster sustained transformation, a gift you owe to your own psyche. Now, I can almost sense you pondering, “What if I just want to give it a whirl?” Well, as someone attuned to thoughts, let me explain: It’s pivotal for your mind to wholeheartedly embrace this journey. This unwavering commitment ensures that when faced with life’s more trying facets, there’s no easy exit. Instead, you’re fortified by this dedication, ready to harness your unique talents and navigate challenges. This pledge to self-betterment isn’t just confined to the program; it permeates other facets of your life, empowering you from the very moment you enrol.

Each month of the program is meticulously crafted to offer teachings and exercises that cater to your current spiritual state, guiding you to:

+ Establish a daily personal ritual, encompassing space arrangement, purification techniques, safeguarding, and connecting with your higher self.

+ Collaborate closely to hone your trust in your intuition, helping you discern and interpret messages rooted in love and positivity.

+ Introduce you to foundational practices from various modalities, equipping you with basic knowledge and the choice to delve deeper if you wish.

+ Offer feedback, direction, and insights to overcome specific challenges and hurdles you encounter.

+ Assist with everyday challenges, whether they pertain to home life, relationships, or work, ensuring you’re shielded from any negative entities or energies.

+ Conduct daily quantum sessions remotely, bolstering your individual practices with consistent support.

+ Schedule one comprehensive 90-minute session every month.

+ Offer 3 x 30-minute phone consultations monthly, ensuring immediate guidance when needed.

+ Grant access to an array of written resources and methodologies to aid your spiritual voyage.

+ Enjoy a generous 40% discount on all AGERICH products, further enhancing your transformative journey.

Love & sparkle, Scarlett

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