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The Veil is Lifting

Do I need my pain to feel or is it just what makes me real.
The messages are mixed today, the words float in and fade away.
Perhaps I don’t read enough but there is too much to do.
I long to learn about the world but somehow I know it too.
The belly of my beloved dog rises up and down to breathe
Her soul sleeps into the Netherland of which she’ll never leave.
I dream awake with open eyes and I see what is to be.
Around the corner I’ll take the risk because it’s meant for me.
The veil is seen not like before, I can feel it disappear again
Its familiar gaze is comforting, like a smoky filled night den.
As it fades and light brings clarity and cooler air
I wonder whether it will show itself again.
You must have had a role to play, to stop me in my tracks
When emotion gets the better and I don’t want to know the facts.
So now the veil has lifted, I see my truth in a different sort of way,
It’s me who has the power of response and if to walk away.
I look up and see the stars and the moon is smiling back,
I touch the space between the stars and see it’s where I sat.