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Why Can’t They See Me

What’s wrong with me, do I look okay?
How do I get your love, do I have to pay?
Oh yes I’ll try that says the 5 year old girl
And she places 5 cents in the hand as she takes a twirl.
The spotlights not shining on me anymore
So no-one will see me, I’ll close the side door.
I stumble & bumble and tie up my shoes,
I look up to the sky and ask am I its muse?

Perhaps a good story will capture their hearts
Or share my misgiving if that’s how it starts.
To see myself feels I have shame,
Perhaps others feel it all the same.
The ladder I climb feels harder each day,
Oh to let go and not have to pay.

I can’t see the ground and the clouds expand every step
I’m tired of climbing and need to stop and reflect.
The mountains look beautiful far away
Perhaps they were made in the same way.
I’ll shine over here like the mountain and sun
I’ll light the way and guide those on the run.
I’m here if you look up to the sky
For those are ready to ask what is their why.