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It’s Not About the Money

It’s not about the money, I told myself each day
I closed my eyes and searched inside to find a place to stay.
It is about the money, my back would scream at me
The rent is due, the options few, I don’t like what I see.
My love is thin as I look within, my love without is hard
My soulmates silence fills the air, I hear his broken heart.
The shower’s hot, it hit the spot, I remember yesterday
But something says I’m not alone and don’t give it all away.

The waters off and the steam is thick, nothing there to see
I’m not my job, the title I keep nor how I’m meant to be.
I am a part of everything so there’s no price to pay
I trust now that I’ll play again in the night and in the day.
For a soul that lights the world by being in this sphere
Shows us that we’re not alone and there is no thing to fear.