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Article: Luna Thoughts

Luna Thoughts

Tonight I just might be going crazy
The moon is full and looking straight at me.
I feel the pull of yesterday as it says goodbye
But some how it’s keeps asking me, for the reason why.
The moonlight wraps around my naked mind
It’s speaks to me in dusty light to leave those thoughts behind.

What is tomorrow without what was, I can’t explain the ache.
Surrendering to not my hands, I can’t grasp what it will take.
The Lunatic is close as I feel my breathe begin to pace
But then my Luna stretches out and knows how to stop this repeating race.
I know her soul reaches in and shakes the fears apart
Thank god for you my furry love,
I don’t know the words you say but I feel the magic of your heart.
I never knew that you could see the wolves that must be caught
Your focus and your wisdom, took just a single thought.

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I am the Creator of My Own Life

I am the Creator of My Own Life

Why so hard to wear the creator hat? Old beliefs of God, lack of confidence, tall poppy – what is it that brings a frown. If we are all part of God, source, then surely we are creators of our own.

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Why They Can't See Me.

Why They Can't See Me.

What’s wrong with me, do I look okay? How do I get your love, do I have to pay?Oh yes I’ll try that says the 5 year old girlAnd she places 5 cents in the hand as she takes a twirl.The spotlights ...

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