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Home Style Remedy with Tina Nettlefold

Tina Nettlefold | Founder of THouse and Stylist

This week’s AGERICH Podcast, I am with Tina Nettlefold, who we all aspire to be like – generous of heart, dedicated and very good with business! THOUSE is all about that and here she shares her extraordinary life so far, what they told her when she set out to start this business (shocking) and how her journey is helping so many.



Tina Nettlefold

Founder of THouse & Stylist

tina nettlefold

As a passionate and worldly interior stylist, I bring to each personal and public project my unique aesthetic sensibility, understanding of materials, light and space and knowledge of furniture, fashion, art, objects and gardens that reflects my European heritage and international travels.

I want to create interiors that are unforgettable, elegant, inspiring…made for family, for friends, for love, for entertaining, for work, for play, for rest – my designs work to enhance every aspect of life.

T.House is an insight into my projects and my life. This is my passion, my true purpose and I look forward to delivering a diverse journey and experience to my community.