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Student of Life with Daniel Pawenski

Daniel is co-host of ‘Know Thyself’ Podcast, Astrologer & student of Life. I had the pleasure of speaking with Daniel about his thoughts on the esoteric and what is happening in the world today. A must listen! He has also offered a discount code for all my listeners to have an Astrology Session and take my advice, do it, it was profound. In the meantime, enjoy this incredible human being.


About Daniel Pawenski

Know Thyself Podcast Host, Daniel Pawenski lives his life as a learner of the Esoteric Religions, Spiritual Disciplines, and Mystery Schools Teachings. His aspirations in his studies are to understand the individual’s journey of unfoldment and personally connect with the universal lifeforce within all of us.

I first listened to Daniel on his podcast and immediately resonated with his approach on life and the amazingly articulate way he shared his wisdom and passion on the estoteric. I then booked an Astrology reading with him and was in awe of his talent for seeing the deeper meaning behind my purpose. I had to share this wonderful human being with you…

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