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Article: 4 Reasons to Use Crystals in Your Healings

4 Reasons to Use Crystals in Your Healings

There are many types of crystals that all serve different purposes. Some crystals are known for aiding the healing process. But where do crystals get this power, and why use them?

Simply put, crystals are extracted from the ground after spending years growing and absorbing the energies from the earth around them. This history thus gives them a special kind of energy that you can also bring with you when you incorporate crystals into your daily practice, which can be especially helpful if at a low point in life. If used properly, the positive energy of your chosen crystals can balance out the negative feelings.

Indeed, there is more to crystals than meets the eye, and their healing properties can help you through a rough patch if you allow yourself to accept the energies they have to offer. Whether you are still finding the best crystal for your needs or just exploring what they can do for you, read on for a few reasons why you should use them during the healing process:


1. They Improve Mindfulness

Because they spent a lot of time underground, crystals have infused them with an awareness of the world surrounding them. You can then imbibe this awareness when you incorporate crystals into your day-to-day life. By keeping crystals close to you throughout your healing journey, you may find that your awareness of the world outside you develops into a deeper understanding of yourself and your inner world, which is otherwise known as mindfulness.

Through mindfulness, you can know yourself better and understand the motivations behind your actions and the extent of what you can control. Mindfulness lets you sit through the pain you are experiencing and ask yourself how to move past it without judgment. It is a good practise for those stuck in a painful place and who want to start moving forward in life.


2. Good for Grounding.

Like the first point, crystals can ground you in the present because of their earthly properties. This earth energy can help you feel more secure, leading to a calming feeling that temporarily removes you from focusing on pain.

There are several benefits this can offer for your healing process. Among them is that your mind will not wander off to thoughts or experiences that have hurt and instead make you focus on what you currently have or why you should be grateful. It is not so much a distraction as it is a means of letting you see reality more clearly compared to the times when your painful experiences may have clouded your judgment.


3. They Can Help You Manifest Healing

Some people use crystals for manifesting and grounding. Because of crystals’ connection to the earth, they have a unique form of productivity in the earthly realm and make them manifest things much faster. Keeping crystals close to you can also give you the guidance and reminders you need to bring your wishes to fruition.

If trying to move past the hurt and sadness, you can tap into the healing properties of crystals to bring love, light, and joy back into your life.

However, try to anchor these abstract concepts onto tangible things, like a stable career or a loving family. These things are easier to manifest by being found in the earthly realm. Focusing on more tangible manifestations can also help you identify concrete actions that can help you heal.


4. They Let You Explore Your Spirituality

Finally, crystals can help you get into a better mindset for exploring your spirituality. They make you aware of the world around you and, in the same way, detach you from the earthly things that are giving you pain and suffering.

However, this is not a form of apathy. As we said, crystals help you be present in the moment or more grounded. That said, transcending these sources of pain by tapping into your spirituality can help you heal and move forward faster because you realise that there is something greater than yourself at work.

While this may sound contradictory to our point about grounding you in the earthly realm, crystals can not only be beneficial physical or spiritual. It can amplify the desirable qualities of one, or the other, depending on what you need the most guidance in the present.

Correctly used – crystals can help you heal your emotional wounds and bring positivity and light back into your life. Healing properties and history found within these crystals can be channelled by whoever carries these items. Becoming aware of yourself and the world around you is one of the skills you can learn from incorporating crystals into your healing processes. You will be able to be more mindful, grounded, and spiritual if you are receptive and open to what using these items have to offer you.

If you have never tried using crystals for healing before, it is best to let go of any judgment or doubt you may about using them. Just give it a chance. Only when you accept their healing properties can you make the most out of them.

For more advice on nurturing your spiritual side and gaining timeless AGERICH wisdom, browse the content on our website. Our AGERICH experts are only too happy to share the insights and practices that have helped for healing and spiritual growth!

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