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Article: 5 Helpful Tips for Receiving Spiritual Guidance

5 Helpful Tips for Receiving Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance is both similar and different from the practical advice you get from training, mentorship, and personal development resources. On the one hand, it may be given using familiar methods and even on a specific framework like a religious or cultural philosophy. But on the other hand, spiritual guidance requires intuition and engagement with ideas that initially may seem vague or abstract.

One way to make the best of spiritual guidance is to prepare to receive it. How you receive, interpret, and apply spiritual insight makes all the difference in your journey towards spiritual enlightenment, whether you seek healing, attunement with your psychic potential, or wisdom for manifesting this 2022.

Below are five helpful tips to observe when spiritual guidance comes your way. Keep these in mind when you seek spiritual advice through the tarot or begin your sessions with a spiritual mentor.


1. Be Open-Minded

First, try to be open-minded about what the experience will entail. It is normal to go about processing spiritual guidance from a set of initial expectations, like what advice you will receive or what method will be used. But remember that if you depend too heavily on your expectations, you will cease to be surprised about the many possibilities offered. You may even feel short changed about an experience that’s supposed to be rich and awe-inspiring.

It may be best to drop all your initial expectations and simply enjoy the mystery and expansiveness of what spiritual guidance entails. You’ll end up surprising yourself in a good way, as well as increasing the capacity of both your heart and your imagination.


2. Clarify Concepts You Don’t Understand

Too many people think spiritual guidance is supposed to be a simple, one-note, and formulaic affair. They may be quick to conclude just one word or phrase manifested to them without questioning the deeper meaning or the context behind it. Similarly, upon receiving advice from a spiritual guide, they make it word for word and do not clarify the concepts that aren’t immediately clear to them.

If you want to make good on your spiritual guidance, remember that it’s not wrong to be curious or to seek richer explanations and clarity. You may be able to go on a deeper and more fulfilling dive into your consciousness by having a longer conversation with your mentor or by researching spiritual concepts proffered to you.

Don’t be insecure about not understanding your spiritual guidance in its initial form. Instead, nurture your spiritual hunger and see how many angles you can explore.


3. Imagine How the Advice Relates to Your Situation

Good spiritual guidance is not the garden variety, a one-size-fits-all type of insight. It draws relevance from your character and personal experience. For example, spiritual advice that seems perfectly tailored to you may be meaningless and irrelevant to someone else. Knowing that, try to make an extra effort to connect your situation with the spiritual guidance that resonates with you.

Try looking at your spiritual enlightenment as a process of putting different puzzle pieces together. One piece of advice may fit perfectly in the corner that pertains to your healing. Another may shine a light on your hidden dreams and ambitions.

While you’re taking everything in, don’t forget to ask yourself: what part of this advice is speaking to me personally, and why? Answering that question may lead you down an amazing spiritual path—made great precisely because it is yours and yours alone.


4. Welcome Your Intuition

Intuition and gut feelings are often dismissed in more empirical matters, but they are very much welcome in one’s spiritual explorations. Take it as a positive and healthy sign when your intuition seems particularly responsive to the experience of spiritual guidance. If things feel right, affirming abstractly, or as they’ve materialised at exactly the right time, see what happens when you trust and accept such phenomena.

Your intuition is a powerful spiritual compass that is often capable of leading you in the right spiritual direction. When you receive spiritual guidance, it will be the perfect time to use it to orient yourself towards enlightenment.


5. Be Patient about Your Spiritual Progress

Lastly, even if you feel you have everything cut out for you upon receiving spiritual guidance, don’t be impatient if things don’t magically improve. Regardless of how effective, timely, and resonant your spiritual advice may be, other factors in your life may get in the way of quick spiritual progress.

Take things in stride and don’t be in a hurry to rush your healing or manifest your dreams. Just like how it is with spiritual guidance, things may right themselves when they are meant to and when all other invisible factors in the universe align.


6. Becoming AGERICHTM and Growing into Your Spiritual Side

Your ability to listen to spiritual insight and intuit the direction of your life will get richer with age. Find ways to discern matters of the heart and spirit through platforms like the AGERICHTM podcast, and get in touch with people who value your spiritual side as much as you do.

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