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Article: Does Confidence Lead to Success?

Does Confidence Lead to Success?

Among the qualities that people think an individual needs to imbibe in order to achieve success, confidence is surprisingly one of the more contentious ones. While some believe that it’s a defining and non-negotiable trait of a successful person, others think it matters less when compared to other characteristics like grit, hard work, and integrity.

But are these qualities mutually exclusive? And what role does confidence really play in someone’s success?

Here’s the AGERICH™ perspective on what confidence actually means as well as the value of demonstrating confidence in all your personal and professional endeavours.


1. Is Confidence the Only Leadership Quality That Matters to Success?

First, let’s break down the myth that confidence is the only quality that can precede success. While it can definitely contribute to the number and quality of opportunities that an individual receives, they will need to demonstrate other characteristics to sustain whatever triumphs come their way. In the ideal scenario, confidence exists alongside other traits like honesty, resourcefulness, and a willingness to work with others.

Another important thing to remember is that true confidence is not to be misconstrued for blind arrogance or recklessness. Moreover, it should never supersede a healthily realistic disposition and an attitude of humility towards circumstances that one can’t control. There’s a difference between being confident and being boastful or brash. Healthy confidence comes not from unfounded ambition, but a grounded perspective that’s fundamentally rooted in reality.

The world doesn’t require us to be supermen or superwomen, and it’s normal for someone to feel unsure or hesitant about pursuing their potential while on a journey to becoming more confident. That said, the universe will give us multiple opportunities to question what we’re truly capable of and to dare ourselves to succeed in the face of challenges. It’s never too late in life to take those dares and to reap the fruits of our confidence.


2. How Confidence Can Permeate into Your Life and Create Successful Opportunities.

Curious about what will happen when you choose to be more confident? Here’s what can come out of being confident and trusting yourself to succeed:


3. It Allows You to Seize Opportunities in the Most Decisive Manner

At its core, confidence is about being decisive about the good that you can do and the opportunities you can seize, even if you’re not 100 per cent sure where that attitude will take you. No one knows exactly what outcome they’ll get after they demonstrate a quality like confidence. That said, there’s no harm in being more confident than you usually are and saying a firm “yes” to garnering more chances at success.


4. It Keeps You from Second-Guessing Your Personal Abilities

Sometimes demonstrating confidence is about taking a chance. At other times, it pertains to being more vocal about things you already know—especially with regard to your personal skills, talents, and experiences. Confidence will keep you from second-guessing how capable you are at being a leader, communicator, or mentor. If you have a track record to show for it, change the way you comport yourself and be proud of what you can bring to the table.


5. It Inspires Other People to Be Brave and Speak Up

You aren’t the only person who’ll benefit from a more confident standpoint. Confidence is infectious, and it can take root in your company’s or organisation’s culture. If other people see you exude positivity, resilience, and decisiveness as a result of your personal confidence, they will consider stepping up and going out of their comfort zone as well. Ultimately, you may end up doing a lot to inspire others to be more confident—and thus increase your collective success at achieving your shared goals.


6. It Helps You Go Places You Would Have Never Imagined

Human beings have finite lives, and no one wants to live with the regret of not realising their full potential while they still had a chance. One of the ways that you can extend your imagination—and thus break your personal ceiling for how successful you think you can become—is to work on your confidence. A more confident standpoint can turn those “what ifs” around on their heads and have you asking more fruitful questions, like “what more can be done?” and “how much farther can we go next time?”


7. A Final Word on Nurturing Your Personal Confidence

Some people are naturally born with the gift of confidence and thus won’t have a hard time demonstrating it when the need arises. But even someone who is not predisposed to being confident can build and nurture that quality throughout the years.

Again, there’s no wrong time in your life to learn about confidence, success, and making an impact on the world. There’s no strict pace that you have to follow, either. It may take a few weeks or a few years to become the confident and self-assured individual that you wish to be. But when the time comes for you to seize success, you won’t regret trusting yourself and putting in the work to be ready.

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