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Article: Everyday Fitness

Everyday Fitness

It’s a lifestyle not a task, because movement is life.

Fitness, what is it? The magazines and media say, it’s the 6 pack or bikini body, the Ironman Endurance athlete, Olympic Champions etc all things that are not really realistic for the likes of you or me…But what if I told you fitness is relative, fitness is how you feel, how little you go to the doctors, that it includes your mental, physical and emotional wellness, that true fitness. Real Fitness  is measured by the collective of these things and your progress and performance across the 10 general physical skills of preparedness (Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Power, Speed, Agility, Accuracy, Flexibility, Balance & Coordination) and the energy systems that drive your bodies actions?

Here is what I do:

SIMPLE – Keep it simple. Stay away from machines and trickery, they are not with you every second of the day, learn to use your body for the machine it is!

COMPOUND MOVEMENTS – Train more compound movements, these elicit a better hormonal response for building muscle and as a result burn more fat, not to mention are daily functional movements. ie Deadlift You pick things up off the ground all the time, don’t you? Keep the isolation stuff for your prehab or rehab!

MINDFUL – Don’t get lost in the music or TV Show, be conscious of what muscles you’re working, visualise your goals from training, block out the daily grind and stress, YOU TIME

PLAY HAVE FUN – SIMPLY IF IT’S NOT FUN YOU WON’T DO IT! Train with a buddy, if out in the long run, set yourself targets, do a happy dance when you hit a new PR. Mix your training up with a new sport. The fun social aspect is also great for our mental and emotional wellbeing too!

EAT WELL – Don’t put yourself on a diet, choose to eat clean healthy whole foods daily, that offer a balanced blend of complex carbohydrates, complete proteins, and fats.

Avoid excessive grains, pasta, white bread, and processed foods and if you feel like a glass a wine or piece of cake every now and then ENJOY it, I call it the 80/20 Rule.

MEDITATE – We must allow our bodies and mind to recover, try and meditate for 5-10min once or twice a day. Taking the time to do this can help your body and brain de-stress and recover better from all your hard work at the gym and the office.

Things happen that are out of our control which affects our training and i’m not just talking injuries, just roll with it, if you’re not feeling strong today that’s ok go for a run or walk along the beach instead, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Kylie’s Story: Where my fitness began How I found my passion, my purpose and never worked another day

Where do I start? Growing up I was always very active and loved helping other move as well, I guess you can say for me ‘movement and helping people to move, is life’

I lost my dad at the age of 15 to a rare lung disease, it was then when I had my first serious outbreak of psoriasis. 5.5 years later I was dead for 2-3min from an anaphylactic reaction to salicylates. I studied Business and Languages at University, later studied, Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, only then to study events!

I danced, figure skated, loved getting behind the boat with my brothers in my downtime and as years went on I was looking for a new challenge and purpose to my training so I started Triathlons which later turned to, CrossFit, Russian Kettlebell training, Strongman and still loving it. While I now train for a one-man competition against myself and not my ego or others, I still push myself and take it just as seriously only with BALANCE and a more holistic approach.

For years I overtrained, followed crazy diets, abscessed my body really.  So how did I become a trainer, mentor, and wellness coach you ask? For years, I put my formal education to practice, thinking I was doing what I loved and what was my passion and purpose, after all, I had studied it and society said….but one day my life changed, I was in negotiations between two organisations after winning CIM & ACEM Event Manager of the Year 2010, Both amazing opportunities, one helping raise money and produce sporting events for those who have muscular dystrophy dese and the other Vivid Sydney, I chose Vivid Sydney but wasn’t to know what was about to happen next! I was thinking WOW I get to work on the biggest event for the creative industries, alongside some of the best in the industry, Sydney Harbour was our stage and the world was our audience, I was about to live the dream!

Till one day I walked into the office to find my boss waiting for me, she very simply and politely advised me, she was not renewing my contract and to clear my desk. When I asked why her response was, ‘You need to find your true passion, your purpose and live that every day’ I was at a loss, I loved working events, yeah i was training 2-3 times a day before, after even during work, I was anal on my food and always offering advice and time to those in the office about their training and well being but I believed I was following my passion and purpose after all I was working on the biggest event, fitness and wellbeing was just a hobby to me….well was I wrong. I left my office, crying at a total loss, what was I going to tell my mum, what was I going to do for work, my world had just been turned upside down and all around and I was no longer in control of my life. A friend entered me into a competition to win Cert 3 & 4 Personal Trainer Certification at the Australian Institute of Fitness… I won…it was a sign! After completing my Personal Trainer and Master Trainer, I soon booked a trip to the US, where I did my Level 1 CrossFit, before I knew it I was back and packing my bags for the biggest life change ever, with no plan other than my Vision, Helping others, move better, feel better and hopefully live happier longer.


Kyle is a qualified fitness coach with multiple degrees in Sports Marketing, Events and Business. Coached by leading StrongFirst, CrossFit and O.P.T coaches in their respective methods. Has a warm and approachable sports professional, specializing in functional and holistic personal training for both children and adults. After reaping the rewards of a balanced and holistic approach to her own personal training, she transferred this methodology into her coaching, helping others live a more balanced and healthier life while educating and pushing individuals to their limits.

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