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Article: How to Communicate with Spirit Guides

How to Communicate with Spirit Guides

Everyone can benefit from having a mentor or guide at some point in their lives. Perhaps listening to the wisdom of a parent or teacher in the past has given you insights, or the suggestion of an older friend helped resolve a persistent issue. It can also be that you have a person in your life now that you look up to and rely on for sound advice when you are unsure what to do.

These kinds of people can be a terrific assistance in your life. But even if you tend to strike out on your own and make your way through life by yourself, this does not mean you cannot access guidance from others.

Many people believe in the existence of spirit guides or spiritual entities that help people navigate the mortal realm and achieve their purpose in life. The nature of these spirit guides can vary depending on who you ask, but there are beliefs that they can be angels, deities, your ancestors, or a loved one whose spirit continues to linger on the earth realm.

While lacking physical form, a spirit guide can stay on the side of the person they are guiding at all times. This capability makes them an ever-accessible source of guidance and wisdom.

Perhaps you are looking for guidance and want to turn to your very own spirit guide. If so, know that they don’t exactly use human words. Rather, they rely on signs and meaningful coincidences to get their message across. While you might not get a direct response when you earnestly ask your spirit guide a question, you will still be able to get answers through the following:


1. Assigning symbols to represent answers and directions.

Perhaps you know what options you have, but you are unsure which is best for you. You can assign a specific item or condition to particular options —for example, seeing a plane as a “yes” and a green balloon as a “no”—and go about your day as you usually would. Seeing one of these items in an unlikely place is a sign that your spirit guide wants you to go with the option that you have associated with the item.


2. Hearing music that is tangentially related to your concern.

Some spirit guides can send and answer in the form of music. You might hear a snippet of a song or start humming a tune that offers insight as to how your spirit guide wants you to resolve the situation.


3. Dreaming of your situation and how to best handle it.

There are also times when you dream of your dilemma and what will happen if you choose one decision over the other. Of course, the spirit guide’s answer might be as vague in your dream as it is in real life.


4. Receiving enlightenment from ordinary events and interactions.

The best possible answer to your questions and issues might also come to you in moments you least expect, such as while taking a shower, walking your dog, people-watching, or preparing dinner.


5. Finding opportunities and helpful people along the way.

Sometimes, your spirit guide can directly respond to your questions by sending you opportunities to improve your life or directing you to people who can help you. It is perhaps the most straightforward way to receive guidance from the spirits.

Talking to your spirit guide is a simple process, but learning how to listen to your guide’s response is an activity that requires years of practice and experience. The good news is that there are a few habits that you can adopt to make you more attuned to the message that your spirit guides are trying to get across. These include:


6. Looking out for signs and symbols.

You don’t have to wait for a big event or major issue to start asking your spirit guide for possible answers. You can ask simple questions and assign items or events to these questions to indicate a yes or no from your spirit guides. Practising this will help you improve at looking for signs and symbols in your life and perhaps enable you to be more in tune with what your spirit guide is trying to say.


7. Keeping a spirit guide journal.

Keeping a record of your concerns and how your received responses is a great way to get more in touch with your spirit guide. For example, you can record your questions and issues, the signs you looked for and what they meant, and the messages you received.


8. Being more present and practising mindfulness.

Being more in touch with yourself can help you be a better listener. Practising mindfulness can improve your consciousness of your thoughts and feelings and the messages the spirit guide is trying to tell you.

When the going gets tough and perhaps you need divine or spiritual intervention, remember these tips and put them to action. You may be able to get the best solution to your situation with the guidance of your unseen guide.

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