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Article: Manifesting Your Dreams But in A Different Perspective

Manifesting Your Dreams But in A Different Perspective

In 2006, Australian writer and television producer Rhonda Byrne published her self-help book entitled The Secret, which went on to sell tens of millions of copies to fans all over the world. The book is now considered essential reading on the practice of manifestation, a process of turning your thoughts toward particular dreams or goals and willing them into existence.

At its core, manifesting is premised upon the belief that what a person thinks has the direct power to change reality. Hence, thinking positively about one’s desires and recognising one’s own ability to attain them are core tenets of any manifestation practice.

If you’d earnestly like to manifest your goals, however, it’s important to remember that positive thinking is only the first step. Any manifestation expert will also emphasise the need to take proactive action in the direction of what you want.

Looking to deepen your understanding of manifestation or to try out the process for yourself? Curious about what manifestation practices entail beyond simply thinking? Read on for a fresh perspective.


1. Own Your Intentions

Everyone goes about manifesting their dreams and goals differently, but experts generally agree that most manifestation practices follow the same foundational principles.

The first and possibly the most important of these principles? Ask for what you want as clearly and specifically as you can. Articulate your particular dream, goal, or desire to yourself, whether it’s a new job, the perfect romantic partner, more friends, more money, or all of the above.

Moreover, it’s essential to own and embrace your desires without shame or fear. Many of us tend to hold back on asking the universe for what we want, for many different reasons. Some of us feel that we don’t deserve the good things that other people enjoy. Some of us are ashamed of what we want because our desires aren’t deemed socially acceptable, or because we or others have particular expectations about what we should want at a particular point in our lives.

Do your best to let go of the desire to please others or conform to their standards, and seek to live your own truth first and foremost.


2. Take Concrete Action

Writer and manifestation expert Gabrielle Bernstein describes manifestation as a process of collaboration between yourself and the universe. Knowing what you want is just one part of your journey toward actually getting it, and that knowledge won’t get you the results you want all by itself. However small or big your dreams might be, deciding what tangible action you can take to seize them is the best way to start the long process of making them real.

Say, for instance, that your deepest wish is to meet the perfect romantic partner. Maybe you have a very specific idea of what you want them to be like—their personality, their values, their attitudes toward you and others. Once you can envision that person, think about what you can do to encounter them and get closer to them. Then explore those opportunities fearlessly and wholeheartedly.

If your ideal lover is someone confident, for example, practice carrying yourself with confidence and surround yourself with people who build you and each other up. Don’t be afraid to meet new people and even to date a few. The more you put yourself out there, the more chances you’ll have to cross paths with the right person for you.


3. Reevaluate Your Goals and Desires

While manifesting is all about putting yourself on your ideal life path, the outcome of the manifestation process can often be unexpected. Sometimes the goals you manifest don’t look exactly like you thought they would when they arrive. The ideal lover you’ve described so painstakingly in your head might not actually be a good match for you in reality. Perhaps your initial dream job might not fit your personal goals and working style as well as you imagined at first.

When the things you’ve been trying so hard to manifest don’t quite meet your expectations, do your best to keep an open mind. It’s never too late to decide you want something different, change direction, and start anew. Locking yourself into rigid plans and expectations that no longer suit you will only lead to greater unhappiness for you in the long run.

Sometimes, what you’re manifesting may also arrive in your life in a different form than what you were initially expecting. When life surprises you in this way, be flexible. Approach the situation with curiosity and gratitude. Try to reflect on how seemingly unexpected opportunities or connections might better align with your greater goals.

Whatever you desire in life, manifesting your dreams won’t happen overnight. Be patient with yourself and with the universe at large, and see the process of working toward your goals as a long but worthwhile journey. Most importantly, let go of the temptation to obsess about whether or not your practice is “working.” Simply trust that it is, express gratitude for the good things that do come your way, and you’ll welcome more blessings into your life before you know it.

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