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Article: Listening to Your Inner Voice and Improve Yourself

Listening to Your Inner Voice and Improve Yourself

Most of the time, humans fail to genuinely appreciate themselves. You usually undermine your skills and achievements and put them under the rug to remain ‘humble’ or ‘unassuming’. However, being too hard on yourself can hamper your growth and advancement.

To oppose this kind of mindset of being yourself’s worst critic, you have to remember to listen to your inner voice — your heart. Paying attention to what your heart says can provide you with guidance in making key decisions. Considering what your inner voice will let out your most real and authentic thoughts and feelings about matters.

Discovering your heart’s most genuine predilection is a very important aspect of your personal development. Unearthing your inner voice will release you from doubting yourself, reducing negativity about your abilities, and encouraging you to take courage amidst the unknowns. It will make you more hopeful and positive, seeing the glass as ‘half-full’ rather than ‘half-empty’.

But how do you exactly do this — appreciating yourself by finding what your heart really wants?


1. Grant It the Power to Affect You

Be an enabler in uncovering your true feelings. Listen carefully to the genuine desires of your heart. Just allowing it to pierce through your thinking and your every decision will help it work to affect you. Take time to be silent and tranquil for you to hear what your inner voice says. Take a step back and be all ears.


2. Be Tranquil

We live in a world where there is plenty of noise. This cacophony of noise and commotion drowns our inner voice. You tend to listen more to the outer world than what your heart says. Meditating and finding your centre will help you tune out the world’s chaos and hubbub. Doing this might take a while, thus patience and fortitude is greatly required.


3. Acknowledge Your Emotions

Recognise your feelings. This is your heart telling you what it has to say. Don’t invalidate your emotions, nor underestimate them. Embrace these inner voices and make them a factor in your decisions. Identify your feelings, acknowledge them, and see how it can help you in your decisions.


4. Sometimes It’s OK to Let Go of Logic

We usually use our brains to think when we make decisions. We are taught that it is better to follow logic than our emotions. But most of the time, logic and emotions don’t align and are vastly different. Weigh things between your mind and your heart, and it will guide your way in the best direction.


5. Notice the Pattern of Your Instincts

Observe how you react in certain situations. Play out in your mind how you would handle specific circumstances. This way, you would be able to see the patterns in how you respond and steer your next steps. Taking mental notes on these will let out how you really feel about things, and how your inner voice perceives them.


6. Intentionally Lend an Ear to Your Heart

Being mindful of what your heart says will help you actively consider your inner voice when it ‘speaks’ up. Your brain and heart are equals; thus, give them both the chance to articulate themselves. That way, you will finally let your inner voice take the centre stage.

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