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Article: The Matrix Consciousness ~ Behind The Secrets

The Matrix Consciousness ~ Behind The Secrets

I feel called to share with you some knowledge to help you navigate through these times.

I want to talk a bit about the consciousness of the matrix, the matrix consciousness.

We all live within the matrix space or vessel. Our being for eons have been plugged into this consciousness on all levels, the matrix consciousness. During this time we are going through a massive shift, as you all know. So, in our everyday lives we are affected by the density of this matrix grid, the matrix consciousness, in ways that we are aware of and in ways that we don’t even see, because it’s a part of our way of moving through this reality.

The over lighting energy of the matrix is about disempowerment and keeping us in lack. So a lot of things within the structure of our reality, that’s been happening for eons, is about keeping us in the matrix consciousness or the slave consciousness.

During these these times of great change we are attempting as a collective and individually to move out of this way of being, seeing, living. I’m talking about in the earth reality. So one of the things you can do to assist yourself move out of this way of being, is to start asking yourself questions when certain emotions rise up and the emotions that are connected to your pain body. The pain body emotions always has the foundation of survival, which is in your base and your sacral energy centres. So, when these emotions or feelings or thoughts come up that’s connected to feeling disempowerment, connected to survival, connected to different aspects of fear, asking certain questions, asking yourself certain questions starts alleviating that energy and starts the process (and it will get stronger) because this is part of doing the work, what we call the great work, on yourself.

When fear comes up, ask yourself, where is this fear coming from? Where are you feeling it in your body?

Is it around your solar plexus, your tummy, your throat, your muscles?

Ask: Where is this fear sitting? Where is this fear sitting in my body? Where is this fear sitting within me?

Once you start asking these questions, what you start doing is creating and expanding your being where you eventually become the guide and the witness to these parts in you that are very grounded are very connected to the matrix, to the matrix consciousness.

Because we’re in the opportunities of moving out of this way of being. Because of all the energies that are coming through (we have a lot of energies incredible energy is coming through in December) and the momentum of this energy is picking up, it’s really quick, so what keeps us not moving with these energies or aligning to it are the plugs that are connected to the matrix grid, we’re all in it so some of us have been able to unplug some of those plugs.

The energy that feeds that is fear, so keeping it very simple, start asking yourself questions when your fear comes up.

Another question is why? Why am I feeling this?

So, it is could be a simple “I’m feeling this because of lack”. It could be really simple as “I’m worried about my finances”, “I’m concerned about my health”, “I’m in fear about my relationship”.
By naming it, you’ll see that all of it is about lack.
As the energy comes through, it’s coming through your being but the questions push that energy out so you have an expansion in your field.

So asking yourself:
“Why are you having this?” and it could be as simple as “my bank accounts going down” , so when you answer yourself, also ask the next question: What’s triggering it?

When you ask the questions it starts a process in your energy, in your frequency to start pulling you out of that contraction.

When you’re in expansion in your field then there is available to you the answers, the pathway opening up where you get inspiration, where you get literally opportunities or gifts coming in.

This is all on the physical. I’m talking all on the physical reality because i’m aware that we’re going through very strong times and changes within us and around us.

So, as these energies are coming through in December which is catapulting us into 2022. December is a time about really learning to move with these cool quick energies but at the same time clearing some of your core stuff.

The main thing is, it’s really important to try and not get caught in the emotional pain body or the mental mania that keeps you moving in a circle.

Asking the question: Why am i feeling this? Where is this feeling coming from? “it’s coming from my solar plexus” 

What’s going on solar plexus? When did this start coming on?
“Started coming on half an hour ago or this morning”
Listening to yourself. What’s going on? “oh my gosh, this is coming on because i just looked at my bank account.”
“This is coming on because I had a thought about something”.
It could be anything!

Once you start asking those questions and be the detective and work it out, what it does is clear the space so resolution can come through. This is also what we call the first steps of synchronicity. Because asking the questions helps the process of clearing and this is really an important thing to do in your 3D, everyday, earth reality.
Because there are times you’re going to be hit with feelings that overcome you.
You might have spent all morning meditating, you might have spent all week in a really nice energetic spiritual space and then a feeling, a thought, emotion comes over you and knocks you for sixes. That seems to be happening quite a lot for us, so asking the questions.

Where’s this coming from?
“solar plexus”
Solar Plexus, “I’m feeling a bit unstable, I’m feeling a bit disconnected. Why am I feeling disconnected?”
“because someone triggered this or something in the news triggered this”

It’s about naming it and because you’ve just named what’s triggered the fear, then go into the solar plexus or the energy field and state something as simple as:
“I am safe”
“I am abundant”
“I am love”
What that does is start moving you out of the matrix consciousness.
It’s that simple!

It’s about you moving out of that pool of the matrix because when we get triggered it can bring us into this space where we contract and in that contraction we’re energetically fighting to get rid of that feeling or clambering or struggling to try and find a way to solve whatever is triggering our fear or our concerns or worries.

We’re moving into times where it’s about co-creation with our higher god self, but we have to navigate through the matrix consciousness that we’ve all been in and the matrix consciousness is hierarchy. It’s better than and less than.
There’s only enough room for a few people at the top and there’s many at the bottom. We need to dismantle that consciousness within us.

Asking the questions daily is very powerful. It’s an incredibly powerful practice to get into. So when you have thoughts that are disempowering to you, whether it’s thoughts about others or your situation, if it is not uplifting you, if it’s not keeping you in that space of expansion of love, of abundance, of hope, if you’re having any thoughts or feelings that’s contracting you… that is the matrix consciousness.

Ask the questions and the answers are already within you.
Then you transmute: put your left hand on the area. (Solar Plexus, Heart Sacral, Throat) and saying:
– I am love
– I am financial freedom
– I am beaming health
… whatever resonates and you connect with.

Do this daily and every time these thoughts or fears come up, I guarantee that as you move on, you will see and witness a change, an opening in your field that then attracts and draws in frequency specific realities. That’s expansion and that’s trust! Then as you get stronger, that’s alignment. Alignment to your divine truth, alignment outside of the matrix consciousness. We can move through these times and clear in very simple way and supporting yourselves by providing strong, powerful remedies.

The throat is powerful during this time to speak, to command, to state… I am love, I am light.

These are all important. You don’t have to get into the story. Simply name it and then transmute it.

I will be connecting with you for a while every Monday at 10 a.m to share more knowledge to help you navigate through these times (on Facebook and Youtube).
December is so powerful we just have an awesome powerful eclipse we’ve got the 12/12 coming up and the equinox, so this is a perfect time to move into alignment. Clear your stuff, clear your core.

Watch my Video to learn more:


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