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Affirmation Bracelets

Sale price$25.00 AUD

Harness the Power of Affirmations with the 14k Gold Plated Affirmation Bracelets

Affirmations on the body are incredibly powerful! According to Masaru Emoto, who conducted groundbreaking experiments on the impact of words on water, your body, composed of 80% water, can absorb and read these words. Wearing affirmations provides a direct connection to the body, enhancing their positive effects.

Our 'Affirmation Bracelets' are crafted with 14k gold plated beads and feature four key affirmations for you to choose from as well as our limited Agerich bracelet:

  • 'I AM RICH'
  • 'I AM LOVED'
  • 'I AM FREE'
  • 'I AM HOME'
  • 'I AM' 

Wear them all together or choose a different one each day. These bracelets make a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. They also pair beautifully with our Crystal Bracelets, enhancing their superpowers. (See gallery for pictures of them together).

Product Details:

  • Material: 14k Gold Plated Beads
  • Purpose: Positive Affirmations, Emotional Healing, Empowerment
  • Ideal for: Individuals seeking to harness the power of affirmations and positivity

Wear the Affirmation Bracelets to invite positive energy and affirmations into your life.

Close-up of 'I AM RICH' Affirmation Bracelet from AGERICH by Mrs V
Affirmation Bracelets Sale price$25.00 AUD