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Article: Knowing the Right Timing for a Tarot Reading

Knowing the Right Timing for a Tarot Reading

In addition to understanding what type of reading to get, you may be wondering when the right time for ‘guidance’ would be. People can come to a crossroads in their lives when they need a sign from the universe to act on their thoughts. But would these always be the times to book a tarot reading?

The answer is yes and no. Not to worry if that seems a bit confusing for you. To help you better understand what we mean, here are some of the times when you will know for sure that it is okay to book a session with a trusted tarot reader:


1. When You Have Already Tried All Available Avenues

Mostly, people ask for tarot readings when they feel they need advice on a specific aspect of their lives. They also turn to tarot only if they have exhausted all possible actions on their end to resolve their issue.

To know when the right time to get a reading is, listen to your intuition and ask yourself whether you have done everything you can to solve your problems. Remember that tarot is not an instant cure to all your issues; it is simply a way to guide yourself on the right path whenever you are feeling a bit lost.


2. When You Are Ready to Receive the Right Messages

Readings are not only when you are at your lowest point. A tarot reading is fine whenever you are emotionally and mentally open to accepting the messages meant for you. When you are ready to understand and receive what the universe has for you, that is when your tarot reading will make the most sense.

Conversely, if you are set in your ways and refuse to accept the advice, a reading will not do you much good.


3. When You Can Objectively Make Sense of Your Reading

Another indicator of being ready to receive the messages you need to hear is when you can sit down and process what your tarot reading has to say. It will make it easier for you to interpret the reading and translate it into practical actions that will turn your situation around for the better.


4. When You Are Willing to Be Patient with the Process

Some people get a reading and expect instant answers to their problems and book reading, after reading, to search for “the best one.” It is a sign of impatience, and if you notice yourself rejecting much of what the universe has to say because you do not like what you hear, it is not the right time for a reading.

Instead, you need to be in the right state of mind where you can treat each tarot reading as a special one that holds real value for you. So, instead of asking for lots of individual readings until you hear what you want to hear – focus on the message that has been given and try to apply it to your current situation first.

If you are not ready to make a change, the reading will reflect this, and you will not get anywhere with that kind of information.


5. When You Can Calm Your Mind as Necessary

You do not need to be in a perfect mental state to ask for a tarot reading. Most of the time, people ask for Tarot readings precisely because they are in a confused state of mind. It is still important to prepare your mind and body to properly receive the message that the cards will be giving you.

However, you can only do this if you can shift into a calm state of mind, even if only temporarily. If you cannot, then it is a sign that your emotions are still too turbulent and that you need to take some time to process your feelings and let things pass.

If you want to see if you can calm yourself enough for a reading, try to meditate or say a short prayer to ground yourself. If you can clear your mind from any intrusive thoughts without struggling too much, you may be ready to get a reading. While you are at it, take this time to focus on where you need guidance. Once you are calm and sure about what you need advice on, you can book a reading.

It is not advisable to get a tarot reading all the time or whenever you feel like it. For one, having a reading too soon after your last one can confuse you with the number of messages coming in. This barrage of messages will only end up confusing and overwhelming you, which is counterproductive to the purpose of your tarot reading. Being aware of the right time to have a tarot reading will make the results more meaningful to you.

Tarot is a tool for self-awareness and introspection and will not make your problems instantly go away. At the end of the day, while tarot can help you along the process, the choice to do something about your life is ultimately in your hands.

Need guidance from Mrs V? Book a session with a trusted tarot reader today.

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