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Article: Looking at Change From A Different Perspective

Looking at Change From A Different Perspective

Change is inevitable.

But interestingly most people are resistant to change. Humans fear change, as it may mean facing something they haven’t experienced before. People fear the unknown. Thus, accepting change can be difficult and painful. Although a certain change may eventually bring about improvements or benefits, most would avoid it and overlook the potential gains.

Changes are typically initiated to give rise to refinements or advancements. However, with these efforts, some disruptions or adjustments to routines, practices, or ways, may take place. It is a natural human tendency to retain the habits which we are used to and to stay within our “comfort zone”. Thus, various changes are met with unease and trepidation. Changing ways to what one is accustomed to may take hard work and effort to unlearn.


1. Acknowledge and Understand the Change

So how can one welcome change?

Acknowledging that change is constant would be a good start. This helps us understand that we cannot avoid changes in life, whether it’s a personal one or in the workplace. Going along with life’s flow and accepting that changes are usually out of our control will make it easier to accept.


Additionally, assessing first the accompanying benefits or improvements of an impending change may also put things in perspective. Understanding the rationale on why changes have to happen and how these can make ways or routines far better than before may lead to appreciating the change. Given this, resistance to change can be lessened or minimised if details of the upcoming change are laid out in the open with complete transparency.


2. Welcoming Change Openly

Appreciating the gains and advantages of a forthcoming change leads to better understanding it. Carefully evaluating the purpose and the potential gains before avoiding change is a huge step. This will take a lot of practice and courage to master.

There are practical ways that you can learn to appreciate and welcome change minimising worry and anxiety:

●    Accepting that we cannot entirely avoid change will help us take a proper mindset on handling it. Change, as they say, is the only constant thing in the world. Thus, we just have to, as they say, go with life’s flow. Limiting our efforts to go against something that is out of our control will ease our anxieties and dread.

●    When any change is impending, rather than reacting right away, try to research and evaluate the relevant information first, such as the reasons for the change. Determine and weigh upon the pros and cons of the change. After doing a thorough evaluation, it can usually yield more gains than losses.

●    Give change a shot. Change can allow more opportunities to present itself. Change is not always for the betters but then failures can be a take-off point for lessons learned. Failures should not prevent us from growing and progressing, but instead, it should pave the way to flourish and thrive.

●    Take in and immerse fully in the process of change. Go along with it as it takes place. Embrace it whole-heartedly. Be an advocate of that change. By being a champion of the advantages of the change, the more you will discover how those become effective agents for everyone’s growth and improvement.


Implementing changes in an organisation is not easy, but it can be done. MRS V can help you and the organisation as you lead towards change. 

love and sparkle xo

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