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Article: Is There a Spot in the Universe for Me?

Is There a Spot in the Universe for Me?

This is an eternal question we all have about finding meaning and purpose in our lives.

The last 12 months has definitely reignited the conversation about searching for meaning and purpose. COVID-19 seems to have woken us in many regards. So much was taken for granted. To many it feels like they have woken up from a deep sleep and realised that their life has been a dream.

But not in a good way.

Many people have realised that their values have not been what they should be. Material gain doesn’t necessarily bring happiness, and in the long run doesn’t help the planet or our community.

So, what happens to all these people that have woken up and are not sure where to go or how to live their lives. They’ve been doing this for so long that their way of living has become habitual. But in the wake of COVID-19 we have realised how precious life is and what is really important to us – our health and our loved ones.

Striving for success in our careers and in our finances can override a lot of good sense. We are, after all, programmed for survival and a feel a need to be acknowledged.

So how do we balance money with meaning?

If we replace money with business, and meaning with spirituality, we see that perhaps these two parts of our lives have been quite separate.

And it’s almost as if by focusing on one area, it makes the other area suffer.

However, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that.

When we look at every part of our lives as part of who we are as a spiritual being, then things can change in many ways, and you don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. One could change the spiritual word and make it ‘conscious community’. It is about making a greater sense of self and serving others. So, when we nurture that spiritual part of self then we have to seek out ways to serve in a practical manner that resonates with the essence of who we are, who we wish to become, and what we strive to do in terms of our heart.

Claiming your spot in the universe is all about knowing who you really are, where you would like to be and that you belong to a human community. I think so many people feel that they don’t belong. And that brings disconnection, loneliness and depression.

It’s interesting to ask why. Why do we actually suffer a sense of not belonging?

If we go back to 1000’s of years and look at Buddha’s teachings. He spoke about the fact that when the ‘ego’, decided that it was separate to everybody else, and that we weren’t one being, one consciousness, that brought about a type of fear, and a lack of trust.

So today, how does that relate?

I think as we are coming through a transition from being a patriarchal society, to a matriarchal society and therefore there will be a big shift. The patriarchal society has been all about the male energy of fixing and seeking out material things in order to better our lives. Moving into a matriarchal society which brings the feminine energy of collaboration, turning inwards for answers and solutions, and the ability to feed ourselves more in our lives, will be a completely different state of being.

Therefore, when we look at the ego, it is understandable that it is being challenged at the moment.

And that challenge creates so much havoc for people, for all of us. The ego is the negative self-talk that consistently chatters and doubts and argues, seemingly for our own good. But in fact, it keeps you in fear and distrust of your own self.

So how do we move through into really feeling like we belong.

Firstly, we need to look at who we are, and step into the feminine energies of turning inwards and understanding ourselves better.

When we do that, we start to reflect on the truth, because when we look through a lens of non-judgement, it allows us to be honest about our belief systems, our values and the unconscious goals we carry with us all the time.

And when the ‘dark truth’ has been revealed by us shedding some light on it, it loses its power.

When we look at all the parts of ourselves, we will learn to love these parts. However, the first step, is to begin to like ourselves. Yes, it is about liking who you are and understanding that the paths we have disliked were there for a very good reason.

What is finding our purpose? When we begin the journey to understand our ego and the impact it has on our life, we begin to say that we are one as a community, and that the ultimate goal is to be of service, because when we serve one another, we serve ourselves because we are serving the collective. Therefore, each one of us has a purpose and the purpose can be as simple as a smile and making others happy when you go to work. Your purpose could be to fulfil your passion to heal others in a particular practice, or it could be to create things for people to wear or places to live in.

It could be to teach, to create music or art, to inspire. Each purpose, each goal, is almost like part of a big tapestry that creates one vision.

One experience.

One place for us to hold together.

We know as a leader, when we have a project, and everybody understands the bigger vision and it is aligned with that vision, there is greater harmony and collaboration.

It’s the same with life as a community leader who has a conscious vision of living and experiencing oneself.

I believe obstacles are a way for us to wake up and have a look at the direction we are going in. And that’s a valuable tool that is needed to claim own spot in the universe. The first step is to know that it’s there for you; then to work on knowing who you are, and finally to step into that place where you belong.

We are all completely unique. We are all physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally unique, and like a big jigsaw puzzle we all make up the sum of our parts.

You are already a star in the universe, and if you stop and actually see the truth of who you and where you are, you will begin to the feel the love and sparkle.

Are you ready to feel inspired and empowered to step into a life you love? Get in touch with MRS V today!

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