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Article: Why Is a Vision Board Important?

Why Is a Vision Board Important?

People new to the concept of manifesting may also have yet to hear about a vision board. But in truth, this nifty tool can serve as a great introduction to the philosophy of manifesting, and turning aspirational thoughts into concrete realities.

Making your vision board in line with your dreams and goals in life will be a great way to stay motivated throughout the year. It’s the perfect way to remind yourself about what it is you’re working towards, and it will also help you encourage yourself by acknowledging small victories in simple and concrete ways.

Here is the AGERICH™ guide to vision boards – why they are important, and how you can go about making a vision board that works for you. Get to know the gist behind vision boards and use these tools to start manifesting the things you want out of your life.


1. What Is a Vision Board and How Do You Go About Making One?

For those who are not yet familiar with the term “vision board,” it refers to a visual representation of its owner’s goals, dreams, and aspirations. A board can be dedicated to someone’s wishes for their career, or it can encapsulate a positive change they want for themselves concerning their attitude or perspective. You can make a vision board that relates to your desire to be a good presenter, for example, or a board that represents your hope to be a better mentor to your community.

Your board can take the form of a physical board covered in photos, excerpts from magazine clippings, written notes, and the like. If you’re the type who likes tinkering with gadgets, you can opt for a digital collage made on a platform like Pinterest, Canva, or Jamboard. What is important is that you have a physical or virtual space to plot out the intentions you want to manifest in a highly visual manner.


2. What Purpose Do Vision Boards Serve?


Vision Boards Can Help You Concrete Your Goals

First, having your vision board can help you give a concrete and accessible form to goals and aspirations that may otherwise feel distant and abstract. When you assemble materials or collect images for your vision board, you’ll end up with a clearer overall picture of what you want success to look like, that is, what rewards you can expect, how you’ll feel, and who you imagine will be in the room with you. Try making a vision board and see the difference it will make for the clarity of your vision.


3. Vision Boards Can Motivate You and Drive You Toward a Positive Mindset

Your new vision board can also boost your morale and get you on track to developing a positive mindset, which is a powerful thing to have when you want to manifest. The mere process of curating items for your vision board may help you “own” the things that constitute your success, and they may even pave the way for some pretty creative “eureka” moments on how to get that success for yourself.


4. Vision Boards Inspire Mindfulness and Focus

Part of the pleasure of putting together a vision board is how organic and freewheeling the process can be. You may end up finding unexpected treasures in your surroundings or online that you can add to your board, and there’s certainly a sense of freedom to be had in encountering something at the right place and at the right time.

But even the insights that seem random or like they’ve come to you only through fate—for example, a song lyric or a quote from a book that suddenly jumps out at you—can enhance your sense of purpose and intentionality. When you add representations of these things to your vision board, you make sense of what life brings you, and you start readying yourself to do something great about it.


5. Some Last Tips for Creating an Awesome New Vision Board for Yourself

Before you go about making your very own vision board, here are a few tips that may be useful to you:

    • Decide on what kind of goal or aspiration you want when you create the “subject” of the board. Then, collect items that you think best represent that subject. Again, you can start with anything relevant to you: photos of your past self while on the cusp of an important life event, letters from loved ones, or even odds and ends like movie tickets or old receipts.


    • Try putting together a good mix of imagery and text. Some people like to put self-written affirmations or inspirational quotes on their boards; don’t hesitate to do the same.


    • Put your board where you can see it regularly, like your bedroom wall, refrigerator, or home office. If it’s on a mobile device, make it easily accessible from your Home screen.


    • Update your vision board as regularly as you want to. It will be extremely motivating to see your dreams become more specific to you.


  • Add something to your vision board every time a part of your dream comes true like when you get promoted, pass an important exam, or reconnect with someone who means something to you. When you acknowledge your progress, it won’t be hard to get the ball rolling even further.

The great thing about a vision board is that there’s no such thing as a wrong way to make one. After all, everyone has their own goals and their ideas of what it takes to achieve those goals. Don’t hesitate to exercise your creativity and resourcefulness when making your vision board—it may be just what your spirit needs to manifest your wishes and make them part of your lived experience!

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