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Bracelet Crystal Kit

Sale price$89.00 AUD

Enhance Your Life with the Bracelet Crystal Kit

Discover the transformative power of the Bracelet Crystal Kit, designed to bring love, balance, and freedom into your life, ultimately enriching your overall well-being. This exquisite kit combines the healing properties of three powerful crystals with the positive energy of affirmations.

What's Inside the Crystal Kit:

  • Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet: Promotes love and emotional healing.
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet: Amplifies energy and enhances clarity.
  • Howlite Crystal Bracelet: Provides balance and calming energy.
  • 14k Gold Plated Affirmation Bracelet: Choose your affirmation:
    • 'I AM RICH'
    • 'I AM LOVED'
    • 'I AM FREE'
  • QR Link to Mrs V's Remedy: Detailed instructions on how to use the bracelets to enrich your life.
  • Leather Jewellery Zippered Box: A beautiful and practical storage solution, embossed with the AGERICH logo, furthering the energy of richness.

Affirmations on the body are incredibly powerful! According to Masaru Emoto's groundbreaking experiments on the impact of words on water, your body, composed of 80% water, can absorb and read these words. Wearing affirmations provides a direct connection to the body, enhancing their positive effects.

Product Details:

  • Material: Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Howlite Crystals, 14k Gold Plated Beads
  • Purpose: Love, Balance, Freedom, Enrichment
  • Ideal for: Individuals seeking emotional healing, clarity, balance, and positive energy

Enhance your life with the Bracelet Crystal Kit and invite love, balance, and freedom into your daily routine.

Affirmation Bracelet:
Leather Jewelry Zippered Box with AGERICH Logo from Mrs V's Bracelet Crystal Kit
Bracelet Crystal Kit Sale price$89.00 AUD