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Lifewave Patches

Sale price$225.00 AUD

Optimum health and wellness can now be yours with X39, a new approach to improving the way your body fosters the flow of energy in your body for improvements in strength, stamina and beyond. By gently stimulating the skin with light, our general wellness, non-transdermal patches help you conquer your active life-style and pave a new way to vibrant health.

Each sleeve contains 30 patches and each patch lasts between 12 and 48 hours of use and the price of AUD$225 (approximate as RRP is $149.95USD). However, when you go through to purchase, it is al in USD so you can see final prices there. 

You can learn more about Lifewave and also join as wholesale to get them cheaper via Packages HERE


You can purchase a Lifewave X39 Stem 30 Patch Sleeve by clicking on the button below.

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Lifewave Patches
Lifewave Patches Sale price$225.00 AUD