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'Love Spell' - Mrs V Candle

Sale price$49.00 AUD

Love Spell from the Mrs V's Collection

When you feel like you just need a little something to open up that new love into your life, then bring this light into your life and start the process.  You will receive the LOVE SPELL incantation with the candle!

You can choose what type of crystal you would like to use in your candle.

Rose quartz is wonderful to open the heart, obsidian will clear obstacles, citrine will attract abundance and clear quartz will enhance your intuition, choose whatever resonates for you! Don't over think - feel what is right!

The Magic of Crystal Candles

Candles are an ancient way to call in the energies and your guides to start any ritual and healing. We use Soy Wax as it's non-toxic, it burns cleanly, all natural, renewable and vegan. Crystals are healers in themselves and will constantly work with you to bring about your desires. Clear Quartz Crystal is used mostly in rituals because of its power to its ability to absorb, store, and regulate the release of energy – exactly what you need to bring you back to a sense of balance.

200g approx. 35 hour burn time if candle care is followed

'Love Spell' - Mrs V Candle
'Love Spell' - Mrs V Candle Sale price$49.00 AUD