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Mrs V Eyewear 'Love Life'

Sale price$279.00 AUD

'Love Life'

Handmade Acetate Optical Eyewear with stainless steel to finish off these beautifully made glasses.

Mrs V has personally chosen every style to ensure that it sits well on your face and says 'style'. She has affectionately named this pair 'Love Life' AND wear these herself.

What is included:

- 1 Pair of Eyewear with glass insert
- 1 x Draw opening packing glasses box in black and white
- 1 x Stainless steel hinged structure, easy to close and open in black
- 1 x Pull Rope Design white page for protection
- 1 x Wear resistant eyewear cleaning cloth

Mrs V Eyewear 'Love Life'
Mrs V Eyewear 'Love Life' Sale price$279.00 AUD